Why StreetSlayer?

Why StreetSlayer?

With so many options when it comes to an aftermarket clutch, why StreetSlayer? Well, we have worked to improve every aspect of your ride using our clutch so that you don’t have to pick and choose between drivability and function – combining comfort with performance. Our completely rebuildable clutch is going to save money over time, all while being fully manufactured in the USA. So, if you’re looking for a durable, cost efficient clutch made to handle any level of power you put it to while retaining that smooth, factory drivability then read on to see why we’re the best choice available to you.

Component Overview

Carbon Floater Plate

Our floater plates are made to last! We guarantee that they will NEVER warp, unlike their steel counterparts that warp under extreme heat. In addition to the durability of this piece, it is also a major factor in what makes our clutch so much quieter than many other aftermarket options by eliminating the rattling sound caused by the metal in others.

Full Carbon Disc

Our discs retain the full circle shape of the OEM disc, preserving the comfort and drivability while you’re out around town. With our full carbon design, we are able to upgrade the disc and drop the weight without having to alter the shape to the “puck” design commonly found in comparable discs.

Billet Flywheel

Our American made billet flywheel is a prime factor in our formula for distinct performance and efficiency. The flywheel itself is machined out and a carbon disc is inlayed to aid in grip. Carbon will always grip to itself better than it will to metal.

Pressure Plate

Most aftermarket clutches use stock components and apply their company’s color to it, or couple a dump truck’s components to a high-end pressure plate and call it a high-performance clutch. We have redesigned every portion of the clutch with a specific purpose to put together as a true high-performance upgrade for your car. With our pressure plate we use a flat diaphragm – as opposed to the OEM style “arched” diaphragm. The OEM diaphragm is designed with an arch to aid in shifting for the more inexperienced driver and helps compensate in shifts. Because of this design, you will often find that shifting at high speeds and RPMs feels sloppy. To get rid of that undesirable trait, we use a flat diaphragm which gives you the same shift feel at any speed.